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Special Tantric Techniques

Although modern society teaches youngsters "masturbation techniques", as well as its presumable advantages, the age-old Tantric Tradition does not share at all the same view. There are, besides the loss of energy brought about by ejaculation or explosive orgasm, a lot of other factors that indicate masturbation as a negative habit, but the discussion of these factors is too large for the possibilities of a beginners' course...

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TantricSexualSecrets.com :: Your source for a better sex life
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Erotic Dreams

In everyday life, just few people dare to manifest themselves totally free in their sexual life. The education and the ethic principles imposed by the society put so many conditions on us that we repress even the most natural instincts by considering them indecent or even obscene.

Yet, we have a very intimate, private and secret space in which our most extravagant desires come true. This space is the dream.

The erotic dreams are not at all an insignificant part of reverie activity.

They confer us emotions, feelings, moods, that are the expression of a part of our personality that usually remains hidden.

Besides, the sexologists have come to the conclusion that these dreams stimulate the sexual appetite and increase the vitality of the body.

The dream sexual experiences appear moreover at the self-confident, independent and active persons. At the persons that are strongly inhibited, often these dreams, if they appear, have content rather symbolic and unclear.

The conclusion is that the dream orgasm, a pure psychic orgasm, determines a more optimistic and a more dynamic attitude during the daily activities.

An American researcher had the idea to verify if the erotic dream produces the same physiological modification as the properly intercourse.

So he has come to the conclusion that the breathing rhythm and the blood circulation are as same as in the case of the proper erotic experiences. Only the cardiac rhythm has the tendency to be slower in the case of the dream erotic experiences.

So the dream sexuality could also keep us in an excellent physical and psychic state as the proper sexuality.

A significant difference is that in the dream state the orgasm, as a psychic experience, is completely separated from the ejaculation. In other words in the erotic dream the men have the possibilities to attain the famous seminal retention.


What must we do to have more erotic dreams? Here are two practical methods that we invite you to put in practice.

In the evening, before going to sleep, build in the minutest details the scenario of the dream you want to have. Don't be shy and introduce in this scenario your entire secret desires and fantasies.

First begin with simpler things that could easily and clearly be visualized by you before falling asleep. With a little perseverance, the results will come soon.

The second possibility is the conscious dream. To dream consciously means to be able to modify a dream even in the moment of the dreaming.

There are several methods for inducing conscious dreams and they will be presented in our site. When you will success with this you will live in the dream any situation you are able to imagine. Do you realize what possibilities are offered to you in the sexuality domain?

In conclusion, dare to manifest your sexuality first in the dream to become than, in everyday life a fairy man or a fairy woman.



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