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Imagine a nuclear plant. In the reactors, the matter is converted into energy, then transformers are used to convert this energy and wires are used to transport it to anywhere you need to use it. The same process, analogically, happens in the human body. The SEXUAL FLUIDS are the source, the so called NADIS are the path of energy through the subtle body, and the destinations are the seven plans of the human being : vital, sexual, will-related, emotional, creative, mental and spiritual, as described by the yoga system...

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TantricSexualSecrets.com :: Your source for a better sex life
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The Advantages of the Prolonged Orgasm

THE ORGASM (orge=intense, deep excitation) is in fact the euphorical perception and maximum intensity of the sexual stimulation, which most often manifests as a paroxystic sensation of pleasure and happiness.

It is known that the orgasm begins with a delicious sensation of suspension in a void-like state, or mysterious stop, lasting for several moments, and it is immediately followed by an intense awareness of the sensuality, and of the interaction with the energies of opposing polarity of the person we make love to.

The orgasm reveals an overwhelming voluptuousness that takes hold of our body, making us experience an incomparable, paradise-like pleasure, during which time seems to stop and we have the intuition of eternity.

Orgasm is not reproduction, as it has been proved in plenty of circumstances that the reproduction is possible also in the absence of the orgasm.See the cases of women who get pregnant without experiencing orgasm whatsoever.

Repeated, prolonged non-ejaculatory orgasm makes both lovers be embraced in a gigantic subtle field of energy that interweaves through them and sometimes goes beyond them, expanding their auras to incredible extents.

Once again, we are not referring to the mechanic act of love, lacking transfiguration and love, without sexual continence, in which the two participants only use reciprocally their bodies to obtain a pale state of pleasure, lacking communication and subtle union, when each of the two "does his or her thing" and then they feel sad and lonely.

Usually, men consider that the orgasmic stage represents a necessary accumulation of vital, psychic and mental energy that needs to be discharged in order for them to be able to experience orgasm.

However, the initiates of the Orient have known for thousands of years that a person may experience orgasm even tens of times during the same act of love, and even in the absence of ejaculation.

However,this paradise-like way of making love is reserved to the blessed few: lovemaking sprung out of love, with transfiguration and continence is a great advantage for the organism.

During the past decade, due to AIDS and other STD's, people have completely disregarded the fact that lovemaking and health are in close connection.

These days, the experts have reached the agreement that exaggerated celibacy may harm one's health, leading to problems such as: irritability,frustration, insomnia, depression, as well as other problems, of a physical nature.

According to Dr. Alexander Lawen, a first factor in the heart diseases is the absence of love, not only sentimental love, but especially deep, shared love.

His statements are based on researches that indicated that men and women who regularly make love without ejaculation (or discharge) are less predisposed to heart diseases than other people who have a different approach on lovemaking.

During lovemaking with sexual continence, the organism secrets more endorphin, which leads to the disappearance of back pain and head aches.

People suffering from arthritis have declared that after several occasions when they experimented with lovemaking with sexual continence they noted the gradual disappearance of pain and inflammation.

The release of endorphin and other beneficial substances produced by the organism during lovemaking result, amongst other things in muscular relaxation, elimination of tension, and stress annihilation.

Stress annihilation leads to an increase in the activity of the cells fighting against disease. The immune system works much better, defending the body of diseases.

However, if you should get sick, sexual continence will help you feel better. It was also noted that a relationship based on sexual continence makes one live longer.

A relationship based on love and lovemaking only with sexual continence creates a magic bond between the man and the woman and thus reduces the impact of any form of stress.

Consequently, lovemaking with sexual continence contributes to better health, and to a long, happy life.

If you decide to make love with sexual continence, you will note that:

  • the headaches disappear
  • the immune system becomes stronger
  • depression and sadness disappear
  • arthritic pain vanish
  • back pains are cured
  • stress is eliminated in a perfectly natural way
  • the pimples vanish
  • you will be happy and optimistic to a greater extent than you used to be
  • flu is cured more rapidly
  • you will prevent or even cure some heart diseases
  • you may have mystical experiences and discover God inside your soul. Thus you will be able to understand why they say that "God is love"
  • you will awaken your intuition and paranormal capacities
  • you will awaken and enhance you charisma


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