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The Sexual Appetite

In tantrism, the sexual intercourse is approached with awareness, ransfigurationand continence, the direct perception is the source of pleasure and voluptuousness. To fully live the perceptions, to be aware of them and to perfectly control them is the fundamental tantric key that opens the gate to the alchemic art of the sensual, spiritual love...

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The Pleasure Zones

The human geography includes a series of pleasure zones unknown to many. These zones hide treasures of feeling and erotic experience and they can be discovered by touching, kissing, nuzzling, licking and nibbling them.

Most people, both men and women are not aware of the importance of the erogenous zones.

Nonetheless, most of them know only the "basics" in this field: a woman's lips, breasts, and clitoris, and a man's lips and penis.

In fact, an experienced and caring lover takes the time to discover and explore the most secret and mysterious pleasure points on his or her lover's body.

Therefore, it is important that you consider your lover's body from a holistic point of view. Think of it as a complete organism, with its component parts equally worthy of attention and care.

Sometimes a lover who proves nothing but a good reader of the specialized text-books can be disappointing, while a person that pays close attention to your needs and not to the text-book is more likely to impress you deeper.

Many people, mostly men are not aware of the fact that the tactile sensations felt with the fingertips, or with the skin in certain areas of the body are fundamental elements of an exceptional erotic experience.

However, the knowledge of the erotic map of the body represents only one aspect in understanding and satisfying your lover's secret desires.

You have to know that regardless of the physical part of your lover's body that you stimulate you arouse his or her psychic as well.

Each person has an individual erogenous map; consequently, you may discover yours only by kissing, and touching your bodies from head to toe.

Fear not to ask your lover about the favorite spots, and about the most pleasant way of exploring them, so that you know exactly what kind of stimulation triggers the greatest sexual thrill.

You may play touch games and recourse to sensual massage techniques in order to find out the most sensitive areas of your lover's body, as well as your own.

As we mentioned before, men and women respond differently to erotic stimulation. It is a fact of common knowledge that women need more tenderness and are generally more sensitive to skin sensations than their male lovers.

Some women may reach orgasmorgasm simply through the oral or tactile stimulation of their breasts, nipples or mons.

On the other hand, men's arousal is triggered by visual stimuli and men are less likely to reach orgasm without direct physical penile contact.

Some of the differences we mentioned are a result of cultural conditioning, when women are encouraged to enjoy their sexuality, while men are taught to focus on the genital area only.

Men who are open enough and willing to experience most often discover a whole new erotic universe when they feel for the first time a softer and more sensual approach to lovemaking.

However, these are the areas that both sexes find most pleasurable to touch:

HEAD AND FACE: caress and kiss the forehead, the eyebrows, the eyelids, the nose, and the chin of your lover. Pass your fingers through the hair.

NECK AND SHOULDERS: nibble and kiss the back of the neck, on its sides and on the center. Go down through the shoulders in order to send electric shivers all through the body.

BELLY AND NAVEL: softly rub your face against the belly, kiss it tenderly and gently blow warm air on it. Then kiss it again tenderly and teasingly, slide your tongue around all lines you meet before going down to the pubic area.

PERINEUM: this area is filled with nervous endings and sensitive hair follicles, which make it a gold mine of sexual arousal and sexual pleasure.

LEGS AND THIGHS: stroke the legs to awake your lover's unknown sensuality, focusing on the inner part of the thighs, caress this area with your fingertips, lips or hair. In addition, the back of the knees is a highly and surprisingly sensitive area.

FEET AND TOES: massage the feet deeply to bring them to life. Then suck the toes, roll your tongue over the webs of soft skin between the toes.

Before passing on to the erogenous areas characteristic to men and to women, we want to make a few notes on the miracle of the skin. The skin is the largest sensory organ of people.

It is also a highly erotogenic organ. It is responsible for our sense of touch, and only the brain and the nervous system surpass its importance.

In fact, during the development of a fetus in the mother's womb, the skin, the sense organs, and the central nervous system are formed from the same ectoderm tissue.

In this way, the skin may be seen as a vast network of nerve endings, which responds to all kinds of stimuli, ranging from pain to pleasure. These impulses are transmitted through the nervous system to the brain.

Some area of the skin such as the breasts, nipples, lips, and genitals are supplied with a high density of sensitive erotogenic nerve endings, sending signals of sexual pleasure to the brain.

As sexual arousal grows, the breath becomes deeper and the tissues are infused with oxygen, increasing the excitability of the nerves at the surface of the skin, so the body is more sensitive to touch.

This process of tactile stimulation brings men and women to the peak of sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Verbally, through words of love, praise, appreciation, loving look in your eyes, patience and understanding of your lover's unique sexuality. Such expressions are as important as your knowledge of your lover's erogenous areas.

Try to feel your lover as if he or she was you. Tune into his or her body as you learn how to play a fine musical instrument, paying attention to any single note you bring out.

Exchange passionate kisses to light the flame of love: trace your lover's lips with your tongue or your own lips, kiss the lips gently, allowing the passion to build up to almost unbearable limits before penetrating with your tongue.

Explore his or her entire body with your entire body...the surprises are many...

Stay with us, as in the articles to follow you will learn more about the woman's and the man's erogenous areas.



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