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Tantra Versus Sexuality

Imagine a nuclear plant. In the reactors, the matter is converted into energy, then transformers are used to convert this energy and wires are used to transport it to anywhere you need to use it. The same process, analogically, happens in the human body. The SEXUAL FLUIDS are the source, the so called NADIS are the path of energy through the subtle body, and the destinations are the seven plans of the human being : vital, sexual, will-related, emotional, creative, mental and spiritual, as described by the yoga system...

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TantricSexualSecrets.com :: Your source for a better sex life
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Many of us are unconsciously slaves to erroneous attitudes towards sex. Without the attempt of transforming them, there are very little chances to remould our erotic life.

Many people consider that the erotic function of the human being is procreation, and not pleasure and even spiritual evolution. This makes some people to sink in guilt every time they have a fulfilling erotic experience.

Think about yourselves, how many times you made love up to now. A 43-year-old man told us that he made love approximately 3.000 times. For procreation, it would have been sufficient once. Then what did he do the rest of 2.999 times and to what purpose?

The role of Tantra is to "fill" up these empty, missing spots, teaching you how to move from procreation to ecstasy.

The attitude condemning eroticism comes from a wrong tendency of separating the body from the spirit. In this vision, sexuality is the libido, the instinct beyond control. From this comes the tendency to repress sexuality, which is nonetheless a very dangerous tendency, according to psychologists.

Even today, after the so-called sexual revolution of the 60ís, this bizarre, repressed attitude generates inner conflicts and casts shadows over our feelings on the erotic act.

Tantra reveals thus new paths of access to the erotic experience, paths in which Tantra is honoured as a celebration, an act of creation, an art.

The folk traditions say: "When itís hot itís hot. When itís not hot, itís not hot." Do not resist your inner impulses; do not resist your libido. Let it live and find its expression. Nature knows best.

Frequently people consider that introducing certain specific techniques into oneís sexual life equals to a decrease in spontaneity. However, the way in which we manifest our sexuality is not as natural as it may seem on a first look. It is strongly influenced by the cultural and educational conditions.

For instances ideas such as: "men prefer blondes" or "the greatest orgasm is ensured by a huge penis" are definitely influencing our reactions during lovemaking.

These thoughts are the results of the society in which we live and they influence our entire intimate life. The greatest part of our erotic responses is made of mere learned, acquired responses.

We often tend to react automatically based on subconscious accumulations, due to our experiences, parental conditionings, and education.

Tantra teaches us to transform and decode the responses of our bodies while making love. This is not just a formal practice; it is a preparation for being able to make love in a genuine manner.

After you had learned these techniques, you will discover that you will be able to integrate them effortless in your love life and your spontaneity and naturalness remain unharmed.

A reader of our web magazine wrote that after a number of years she succeeded in having an orgasm through masturbation, yet the doctor told her this is an unhealthy thing. For many people, especially women, the influence of the "experts" in the field has created "rules" in how to obtain pleasure.

Tantra dissolves all these distinctions. In Tantra, there are no "wrong" ways of experiencing orgasm, nor wrong ways of making love. However, we need to make it very clear that Tantra does not imply homosexuality, or any perversions that might cross oneís mind.

It is a healthy attitude supported on powerful and precise principles. Tantra simply eliminates any wrong mentalities or attitudes. It teaches us to believe in ourselves and to discover our uniqueness and originality in our eroticism.

It teaches us that orgasm is not a sexual event, but that it may get to the whole body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Many people were thought to believe that orgasm is something that refers to the genitals only. Someone, after years of erotic experiences, noted that "after all the sexy movies that I saw, after all the techniques and vibrators that I used, my sex life has not changed notably, and it did not acquire a clear sense either. It was still the ejaculation of the seminal liquid in the vagina."

Consequently, one needs to suffer a change in the vision on sex and eroticism, rather than simply a change of sexual technique. One needs to understand deeply the unbreakable relationship between sexuality and spirituality.

Tantra says that the erotic act is not limited to sexual intimacy. The whole body may be transformed, not literally of course, into an erogenous area, offering a multitude of sensual experiences that will refine and expand gradually.

The genital orgasm is a first step. The next is ecstasy. One needs to understand that orgasm is different from ejaculation.

Although many men await impatiently the ejaculation, they do not know that they may still experience orgasm without ejaculating and that if they last on the orgasmic plateau for sufficient time, this may propel them into exceptional states of mind, soul, and spirit.

In the absence of this understanding, the erotic game stays in the frustrating limit of several minutes of pleasure, ending up suddenly in a sensation of exhaustion and nostalgia of what just occurred.

It is no wonder that in time some women develop aggressiveness, irritation, and frustration. Tantra develops a tender, larger, and deeper perspective on sexuality.

Many men wrongfully consider that it is enough to kiss and stimulate a womanís breasts and clitoris (in the happy case) in order to arouse her.

Similarly, there are women who kiss and touch the manís penis and expect to obtain an erection from the "Ever-Ready Gentleman" in a matter of minutes. Because of this simplified mentality, sexuality is centred on few "hot areas".

Nonetheless, Tantra indicates that the whole body, hands, hips, thighs, neck, and feet are capable of unsuspected erotic sensations. Each part of our body may become almost as "hot", open, and sensitive as the genital area, each with its characteristic.

Tantra indicates that the preparation for the erotic act is not a matter of physical stimulation, but one of mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony.

The belief according to which we depend on the other who would be entirely responsible for our erotic fulfilment is also a myth. It is based on the erroneous assumption that the source of our pleasure is not within us, but in the other, and that the pleasure depends and is the result of our loverís actions.

Tantra explains that we alone are responsible for the pleasure we feel and this is the first and very important step in learning the art of ecstasy.

A person who develops the skills to experience orgasmic states even alone and not necessarily through masturbation or sexually related techniques, is spontaneously attractive to other people as well, and consequently is more apt to find a suitable lover to explore together the elevated eroticism.

All experiences belonging to a person are not judged from the point of view of bad or good, but as an opportunity of learning. Learning according to its rules, of course, and these rules include sexual continence and a healthy heterosexual relationship.

Tantra stresses the importance of HOW you do things, not necessarily of WHAT you do. The Tantric vision is unifying, embracing everything, because any circumstances are considered and looked upon as new opportunities of learning and improving.

For this, sexuality is an extraordinary chance of integrating all aspects that define us, including those parts that we usually rejected and hated. This vision also admits that inside each adult there is a natural aspect of child, who may explore any unknown territory, with innocence and spontaneity.

Tantra offers practical answers to fundamental questions: "what is ecstasy, how can one reach ecstasy, how can one reach ecstasy in the present cultural context, and how can it help us in our daily life?"


What is meant by " sexual continence "?

Our answer:

Sexual continence is a lifestyle in which one refrains from all sexual contact even while married. In the Early Christian Church of the West, sexual continence was required of deacons, priests and bishops.[1] Sexual continence is a form of the virtue of chastity (to refrain from sexual contact outside of marriage) but is not necessarily the same as celibacy (the unmarried state). Sexual continence is distinct from celibacy in that one can be continent within marriage but celibacy is the unmarried state.

There are two types of continent individuals - those who choose to be continent, and those who simply happen to be continent. Those who choose to be continent are a diverse group. Latin Rite Catholic priests and consecrated religious, for example, take a promise of chaste celibacy, meaning they do not marry and are chaste, meaning they refrain from all sexual contact. Buddhist monks also choose to live a continent lifestyle. Orthodox monks and bishops also choose to be continent. There are a plethora of others who choose to be continent, including gays who believe that they are sinning if they engage in sex, people who suffer from a fear of the sexual act, and those who are scarred from childhood sexual abuse.


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