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Special Tantric Techniques

Although modern society teaches youngsters "masturbation techniques", as well as its presumable advantages, the age-old Tantric Tradition does not share at all the same view. There are, besides the loss of energy brought about by ejaculation or explosive orgasm, a lot of other factors that indicate masturbation as a negative habit, but the discussion of these factors is too large for the possibilities of a beginners' course...

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Special Tantric Techniques

Force, as it is said in most TANTRIC texts, comes out from deep knowledge, which, in its turn proceeds from direct experience. Therefore, it is necessary to begin with the simplest techniques, and then go on gradually to the most intricate ones.

Some of the training techniques appear very simple in the beginning, but they should not be passed over superficially. Each part of the Tantric techniques presented here should be performed exactly as described, in all details, even if some of them may appear unnecessary, or even not entirely "logical".

The rhythm of a person's individual evolution largely depends on the ardour and perseverance in the training. Thus, some will reach faster the supreme capacity of transmuting entirely their erotic energy in psihomental force, reaching thus superior states of consciousness, extraordinary capacities (SIDDHI-s), and much improved accomplishments in the field of the daily life.

The techniques are of two kinds:
  • individual techniques
  • techniques for couples

The individual techniques address to beginners, when alone. However, they should not be deemed as being themselves a goal, serving only as instruments for reaching certain accomplishments; therefore, as soon as proficiency in their practice is achieved they may, and shall be abandoned in favour of the superior Tantric techniques for couples.

However, first one must reach a certain mastery in their performance, as it has been said. The above mentioned specification has several reasons,.out of which one of the most important is that the so-called individual practices have common points with the process of masturbation, which is nowadays so much widespread in the West (to the point of vast abuse).

Although modern society teaches youngsters "masturbation techniques", as well as its presumable advantages, the age-old Tantric Tradition does not share at all the same view. There are, besides the loss of energy brought about by ejaculation or explosive orgasm, a lot of other factors that indicate masturbation as a negative habit, but the discussion of these factors is too large for the possibilities of a beginners' course.

Suffice it to say that it may create phenomena of partial autism, or isolation from the Reality, develops certain forms of egoism, and a certain artificiality of behaviour. Actually, as anyone will be able to note by the practice of these techniques, there is a great difference between the lone sexual training, and the outer reality - the "world" - the communion between two lovers in an effervescent sexual play.


my young and delicate girlfriend experiences alot of pain when my penis is fully inserted into her vagina,we use lube(ky)and have tried all sorts of methods i.e. before and after her orgasms and also with little stimulation to her thinking this would keep her less swollen before insertion.I,we would do anything possible to make this less of a problem and were looking for some help.of course we understand that i am thick and she loves that but i dont want her in pain when i am making love to her

Our answer:

I think over time she will accomodate your thickness.  If it persists then the only thing left would be surgery for her, which I would not recommend unless the pain is very intense. 

My man and I used to have a lot of sex and it was very good for both. He is 48 and says he has lost his libido, he does take paxil. I am 41 and always horny tired of masterbation and toys. W e have tried the last couple of months to get together and itstarts with me giving him head Love to please him, get him off, thats a mistake and he says we'll try in a few, well itr been 2 months since i got laid what can i do is there an herbal remedie to help w/ his Libido.

Our answer:

Paxil may be to blame.  talk with his doctor together and see about a proper alternative.

I am a 45 yo female that can enjoy MULTIPLE orgasms, (no complaints!), but when I am 'teased' for toolong, I can't achieve one! What do you suggest?

Our answer:

Well, stop the teasing and get down to it!  ;)

I'm a guy, 15 years 'a age. I've orgasmed once before during a stringent bondage session but therefore I've had trouble achieving orgasm during masturbation. Tips?

Our answer:

Wow, you are doing things at age 15 I would never have even thought about at your age!!!! 

hi, my boyfriend is actually fabulous in bed. i need no help - just wanted to share have fun x

Our answer:

Excellent, can you go into detail about what makes him so good so others can learn?  Thanks!  :)

I orgasm too quick an aftawards i just want to stop. Tell me how too get stimulated very quickly after the first one....please!!!

Our answer:

You need to increase your penile endurance.

most of the times when i haveing i come really realy fast on the first round only is that normal

Our answer:

Yes, it's normal but there is much you can do to increase your sexual fitness.

i am 43 man and my wife is only 23,i couldnot satisfied her during intercorse.How i strong myself

Our answer:

I would advise increasing your penile fitness and sexual endurance.

i'm a 19 year old female who has never come to an orgasm.why is this?

Our answer:

Have you had your clitioris sucked and licked on?  90+ percent of women cum this way, with clitoral stimulation.

I have a very hard time ejaculating during intercourse, I last a very long time and seldom orgasm, I take levitra, and have tried all the others, so it's not medicinal, any ideas?

Our answer:

Can you ejaculate during msturbation?  If so, it sounds completely psychological.  Just relax and enjoy yourself having a nice strong orgasm.

I'm 38 and my partner is 53. She has trouble reaching orgasm during intercourse. She didn't have that problem when she was younger she says. She does have orgasms occasionally with me, but they're a lot weaker than she had during her youth. We are a new couple and shes been out of practice for many years prior to me. Anything I can do to help her reach orgasm? Thanks, Brad

Our answer:

Just enjoy yourselves and keep on expirimenting.  With practice, you will have amazing sexual experiences and very intense orgasms.  She will come into her own again, don't worry.   Try some new sex positions and communicate on what feels good, but don't concentrate too much on the sex act itself.  Just enjoy yourselves and let the moment take you both into sexual bliss.

Sometimes when me and my lover are having sex it can become difficult for me to come. This only started after a started exercising my PC muscle regularly. Is there anything that I can do to help learn how to control when I orgasm?

Our answer:

You are strengtheing your erections well and this is giving you more stamina.  Just relax end enjoy yourself when you fell you want to climax.  just enjoy it.

my question is about female orgasm. Is it ok for women orgasm many times? aren't they going to loose the energy also? how does this process works for women? thanks a lot

Our answer:

Everyone is different, so you have to experiemnt with your partner.  i do not know of any women who will complain about cumming too many times!  =)

I was watching reruns of Sex and the City and the girls went to a Tantric Sex workshop. The session taught them a technique that would enable a man to come again and again while the woman used only her hands to pleasure him. Any ideas what the technique was? I'd love to learn. I've tried time and again to find his gspot, but can't. I've ben all over his perineum with my fingers and tongue but no luck!! Help!!

Our answer:

The male g-spot is the prostate gland inside of the rectum.  so if you are up for this, be careful and explore with caution.  many men enjoy this, while most are some what scared to try.

I am a man 39 years of age. I always finish before my partner get satisfied during sexual intercourse. How can I control myself?

Our answer:

Practice the erection strengthening exercises at penis exercise.  They work really well.  You will learn to control yourself.


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